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Not-for-Profit Non-Sectarian Organization exploring the intersection of contemplation and engaged action in the world. Working collaboratively with practitioners In interactive training, initiatives, and social impact projects, participants actively investigate these experiences within themselves, with one another, and within their collective fields to ultimately arrive at greater clarity and resolution around the both small and large events that shape their lives.


The brain changes physiologically in contemplative practice of meditation can stimulate new dendritic growth in the brain, at any time of life. This doesn’t just stimulate new ideas: it literally changes minds, actually building new structures and capacities in the brain. It redraws the architecture of thought in organic ways that allow individuals to evolve, and collective thought to shift and grow and even in adversity, contemplative practitioners respond to the world around them with decreasing negativity, anxiety or aggression and increasing compassion, creativity and altruism. This experience can inspire individuals and transform societies, breaking through old obstacles to achieve systemic change.

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