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The day commemorates and recognizes his contributions as a modern Hindu monk and respected guru of the Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism

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Deepotsavam was performed with grandeur and gaiety of large number of pilgrims on Karthika Masa Sivarathri .

lit the first lamp, after temple priests and vedic pandits performed Ganapati pooja, recited the sankalpam. 

Pilgrims including the aged, diabetics, pregnant women and children who visited the temple were given milk, butter milk, pulihora.




  • This Homam helps you to get rid of all kinds of obstacles in life.

  • It brings success and helps you to win over your enemies.

  • It brings happiness and positivity.

  • It frees you from curses, witchcraft, evil eye, etc.

  • It removes suffering and negativity.

  • It brings success in your endeavors.


Rajasuya Yagam


Rajasuya Yagna - Paving the Path to Power

make preparations to complete a Rajasuya Yagna which will elevate them to emperor status, Duryodhana’s rage and jealousy reach a boiling point.


Satvik Food Festival


SATTVIK  the festival to celebrate traditional nutritious food and associated knowledge systems was started fifteen years  to provide market based incentives for conserving agro-biodiversity. Creation of demand for rarely or less cultivated nutritionally rich crops and varieties may stimulate their cultivation. The paradox of development is that the food rich eat, is often poor. While food that poor grow in poorer regions is richer.

Yoga Retreat

International Yoga Day June

When proposing 21 June as the date, of the year in the northern hemisphere (shortest in the southern hemisphere), having special significance in many parts of the world. In Indian calendars, the summer solstice marks the transition to Dakshinayana.

Hindu Festivals

Jan -Dec

There are numerous Vrat, Upvas, Tyohar and Parva in Hinduism. The fasting and festivities go hand-in-hand. Hence many times it becomes difficult to differentiate them. The number of fast and festivals exceeds the number of days in the year.

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